Executive Compensation benchmark reporting for committee groups and HR teams. Benchmark against over 8,000 public companies in North America.

Compensation Review

Benchmarking solution for HR committee members and HR managers, a four step reporting process generates custom peer groups, compiles real-time disclosed compensation data and provides a comparative review of the top 5 NEOs.


Prepare for upcoming engagement with P4P analysis for each NEO and review their alignment against an unlimited amount of comparative companies. Our solution provides an in-depth look at six different pay definitions over 1 - 3 year reporting periods. The perfect add-on solution for the HR executive compensation benchmarking process.

Global Governance Advisors

Global Governance Advisors is transforming the way management teams and boards use data to communicate. Our software supports enterprise clients with shareholder engagement, proxy analytics and executive and board performance management applications. We provide advisory services and software for corporate secretaries, board committee members, investor relations teams and executive management on matters relating to shareholder engagement, governance benchmarking and performance evaluation.

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