Not Just a Board Portal

Our platform incorporates a dynamic dashboard that combines tools needed for more effective project collaboration and board meetings, secure data storage of board materials, in-platform data analytics such as shareholder management and engagement, board effectiveness assessments, and on-demand executive compensation and pay-for-performance analysis.

Together, boards now have a solution that allows them to make more informed corporate governance decisions than ever before, and take action in real-time.


  • Board Communication
  • Document Management
  • Board Assessment
  • Secure Messenger
  • Executive Pay Benchmarking
  • Shareholder Engagement

User Experience

The GGS platform experience for administrators is designed for productivity and efficiency. Our team has thoughtfully created toolsets and workflow processes that seamlessly fit into the needs of board administrators.

Additional Features

  • Secure File Distribution
  • Create & Manage Meetings
  • Manage Board Calendars
  • Manage User Privileges
  • Deny User Access
  • Generate Board Reports

Secure cloud-based board management software. Our platform helps companies manage board meetings, board assessment administration and reporting, compensation benchmark reporting and board communications. The world’s only complete, end-to-end board intelligence technology.


Our automated reporting helps Governance and Nomination committees with the administrative burden of delivering annual effectiveness surveys and reporting results to the board. Each board member can view their aggregate reports through a visual dashboard or as a downloadable document.

Peer and Self Assessments

Demonstrates your board’s commitment to accountability and improvement with an independent peer evaluation process. Our peer assessment module provides metrics that can guide the annual board agenda. The evaluation delivers important feedback about board dynamics and captures ideas that are crucial for directing the board’s focus.

Yearly Comparison

  • Skills Assesment
  • Peer Comments
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruiting

Secure Communications

A desktop messenger tool designed for committees and boards discussion.

Secure Collaboration Software

A cloud-based Board management solution for HOAs and Property Managers to improve productivity, collaboration and cost savings.

Resident Communications

• Centralize resident contact information
• Uniquely profile each property resident
• Distribute resident materials electronically
• Create routine email outreach templates
• Track and report email recipient details
• Send announcements to all residents
• Easily import and export contacts
• Access intuitive e-blast setup wizard

Secure Board Collaboration

• Create and distribute Board materials
• Record meeting minutes securely online
• Requisition Board votes on motions
• Share private notes and annotations
• Record meeting attendance
• Download and view meeting materials
• Request electronic Board signature
• Collaborate via integrated private messenger
• Store important documents digitally
• Securely upload and download documents
• Access granular, permission-based folders
• Access integrated Outlook and Gmail calendars
• Connect with a centralized calendar


The GGS emPowerBoards solution provides HOAs and Property Management Groups with the right tools to immediately improve productivity, collaboration and cost savings.
With an efficient and secure approach to meeting and records management, and information sharing, estimated savings will accrue year after year in areas including:

• Board administration and productivity
• Document storage
• Resident communication
• Administrative staffing
• Printing and mailing

In today’s world, keeping people connected is critical for success. The GGS emPowerBoards solution is easy to use and is designed for HOAs to keep Board members and residents connected where and when it matters most. Hosting documents and communications digitally also supports effective meeting administration, while mitigating governance risk and ensuring compliance essentials.

Move your D&O reporting online, eliminate time and resource-intensive processes

Practical, cost and time saving solution.

emPowerBoards D&O

We built our solution to eliminate the tedious pain-points many companies face when delivering annual D&O questionnaires. No more assembling binders, mailing packages to directors, sending reminder emails or waiting for signatures to return.

Our solution is the most comprehensive, end-to-end compliance ready platform designed for administrators, board members and officers. Intuitive interface, simple administration and fully customizable to each organizations needs. Save time, minimize risk and report to regulators within a streamlined process.

Features for Administrators

• Duplicate previous questionnaires
• Exportable compliance ready reporting
• Support for multiple question types (including tables)
• Ability to add attachments and embed links
• In-app collection of signatures
• Status monitoring with automated notifications

Features for Directors

• Intuitive user interface and experience
• Save progress and complete questionnaires in stages
• Pre-filled answers from past questionnaires
• Quick reference glossary of terms

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Global Governance Advisors is transforming the way management teams and boards use data to communicate. Our software supports enterprise clients with shareholder engagement, proxy analytics and executive and board performance management applications. We provide advisory services and software for corporate secretaries, board committee members, investor relations teams and executive management on matters relating to shareholder engagement, governance benchmarking and performance evaluation.

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Copyright © 2017 Global Governance Advisors. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2017 Global Governance Advisors. All Rights Reserved